Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snowy Sunday!

Welcome to Snowy Sunday. If you don't have snow but would like to join us by showing your winter decorations please do.

Our pictures this week are of Chautauqua Lake. This is the lake that is closest to where we live. Do you know what those spots are out on the lake?

Lets get a little closer. How about now?

Can you tell yet?

Yep, that's a man sitting on a bucket.

Ice fishing ~ not a sport for me!

Not even like this. This guy is in an Ice Shanty. The outside of it says "Ice Cube". That is what I would feel like if I was out there.

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Jean said...

No thanks! I don't care how thick they say the ice is! Great photos! Mom

Cedar ... said...

I'm skipping "snowy sunday" today as I'm getting sick of snow! Haha! I'm ready for sunshine and a January thaw! Lots of fishing shanties here on Lake Champlain. Love to eat the smelt they catch, but I don't care to actually go out on the ice and fish for them! Brrrrr!

A wildlife gardener said...

Amazing pics there...right in the middle of the lake too...brr!