Thursday, January 22, 2009

Out Our Window!

This is what I saw out of our computer room window when I got home from work.

These pictures were taken through the window. That is why there are wires and part of the roof of a house.

Aren't the colors amazing?


Fixated said...

Whoa! That is amazing! What a view..!

Cedar ... said...

Somehow I think those rich colors are a promise of spring to come! We can hope, right?

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Very nice!! Wouldn't it be nice it they could get rid of all the overhead lines? We wouldn't have to photo shop them out!!

Crystal said...

So beautiful! Those blasted wires are often in my pictures too!

I've tagged you over at my blog - come and see!

Utah Grammie said...

I used ot do oil paintings and when I'd pain a scene like tis, some would say "that would never happen" HA! Proof in your photo! Amazingly beautiful!

Cat said...

Stripes of purple and pink! Just beautiful!

Good catch on the photo!