Saturday, January 31, 2009

My House Stinks!!

Pork Roast cooked in Sauerkraut all day, garlic mashed potatoes, peas and biscuits.

...but dinner sure tasted good. This is one of Chris's favorite meals. His grandmother used to make it every New Years Day. She made a much bigger meal then we did. Chris's mom took over the tradition. We weren't able to have dinner with them this New Years Day. (Chris did get some left over Sauerkraut for Good Luck!) Chris and I made it for dinner last night. I don't eat Sauerkraut but I love how the pork roast tastes after it has cooked in it all day long.


Cedar ... said...

Sort of like how our house smelled after my father made horseradish, ...ground it up in an old fashioned grinder, and the odor used to waft upward throught the "register" in the kitchen ceiling to my bedroom up above. Let's see,...that was about 50 years ago!