Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowy Sunday!

This weeks pictures were taken the last time we had freezing rain. It is horrible if you have to drive on it, but everything looks so beautiful after it gets done.

I really like the sunshine coming through at the top of this one.

The next 2 looked really cool to us.

The ice almost looks like it is magnifying the buds on the tree.

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Jean said...

The last 2 shots are awesome!Love the blue sky in the background. Amazing pictures! Mom

Cedar ... said...

Here we are again,... and it's snowing again! Laurie, I tried to use your "Snowy Sunday" gizmo, but couldn't get it to "snow"... But I think I've mastered the hyper-link! :)

Utah Grammie said...

Wow! Beautiful- encased in ice - like something out of a fairy tale - great shot! And I'm serious when I say you need to produce a coffee-table book of your wonderful photography!

Rosemary said...

Great pitures but oh my the ice is something I don''t mind missing. Just a lot of snow here.

Aiyana said...

I love your ice encased berry photos. There's certainly no snow here in the desert, but it seemed the only way I could leave a comment was to sign up on the link.
Have a great holiday,

Ann said...

I do NOT like ice storms. I'd rather have a foot of snow! We had a "little" bit of snow last week. Have a happy Sunday!

playsdolls said...

Love your shots,The ice looks so beautiful,although I know it is alot of trouble to live in.Very beautiful pictures