Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Photo Shoot!

Jerzie's Mommy and Daddy asked us if we would take pictures of Jerzie for their Christmas cards. So on Sunday Mommy brought Jerzie over in this pink winter dress.
She loved sitting in this big girl chair. That is what she called it when she sat down.

Then we had a wardrobe change and a little bribing with chocolate to get her in her new Christmas dress. Grandma bought it for her.

It worked. She did such a good job sitting on the stairs and smiling for us.

She thought it was pretty cool that she could sit on the stairs by herself.

After taking almost 50 pictures we snapped this one. Jerzie said "Are we done now?" We all decided it would be easier to be done than to have an upset little girl.

We got a couple shots of Jerzie and Mommy too.

Which one do you think they are using for their Christmas cards?


Me said...

I don't know which one they are using but I think they should use the chocolate bribe one and make a clever quote.

Cedar ... said...

If that sweet little girl was mine I'd pick the last one! Makes me think of my own daughter at that age,.. she's 46 now! Oh my how did THAT happen? :)

Ann said...

I like the one with the white border! But they are all sweet but when you have such a cute model who can take bad pictures!!!

Utah Grammie said...

What a little doll! she's a real beauty that's for sure- perfect photos for Christmas cards :-)

PEA said...

Omigosh, such darling pictures! I'd have a hard time choosing one out of all of them, they're all so precious. Just love her dresses as well!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

the flowers you had were really pretty. What kind are they? from reagan.