Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday!

As most of you who read our blog know Laurie works at Wal*Mart. Today is a day that no one really wants to go to work to deal with the out of control customers. Our store was pretty calm compared to what happened at THIS store. Is it really worth it to save a couple bucks?


Utah Grammie said...

There was a time when some store, I can't remember which, had a commerical that had an employee in a body cast because of stampeeding women at a sale..a VERY sad thing that is no longer funny - instead, very very tragic..

Cedar ... said...

I heard this story on the news yesterday,... so sad, and so completely unnecessary. Must sum it up in one word,... greed. A tragic ending of a life to satisfy shopping greed. My heart goes out to his family.

Ann said...

Very sad. My daughter Sara works at Walmart too. She worked Friday evening and did over $7,000 dollars on her register alone in 5 hours. Crazy. We didn't go out until Saturday.