Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Still Driving!

Here are some more pictures from our Sunday drive. Click HERE if you missed the first post.
These were taken at a Llama farm in Busti, NY. Most of the time when we have driven by, they aren't close enough to get good pictures.

Today they came right towards us when we stopped.

We didn't realize that their hair was so long. It looked really oily too.

We also got a few pictures of some Miniature Donkeys. They were very cute but noisy.

The one in the front kept making different sounds. It sounded like it was saying "Come on Shrek"

This little guy didn't stray too far from it's mommy.


Anonymous said...

You had a miniature adventure on your Sunday Drive. Nice pictures.

Me said...

There are llamas, alpacas, and donkeys at the farm we go to for pumpkins in October. What always strike me about the llamas and alpacas is how bizarre their teeth are. They all look in severe need of braces, did you notice?

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Ann said...

Thanks for sharing! I love Sunday drives. I've never seen a llama up close. I don't think there are any in our area.