Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sidewalk Chalk and Ice Cream!

We had a picnic on Friday because Dad was home for the day. I thought Jerzie would have fun in our driveway with sidewalk chalk.

I'm not sure if Jerzie or Mommy had more fun.
Jerzie sat right in the middle of everything.

Want to play?

We think she used her jeans as an eraser. Her little jeans are now tie dyed!!
Uncle Chris took this picture of her. Doesn't that smile just crack you up?

We went for ice cream after dinner. The ice cream place we went to has baby cones.
Jerzie has been eating ice cream for a long time and watching her lick the cone was so funny.
Her daddy put some of his whipped cream on her cone. Boy did she think that was good.
Look at that face. Does it look like she enjoyed it or what?


The Smiths said...

Looks like you got some great pictures I will have to steal to add to mine, lol. That is too funny that we posted about the same thing! I did have more fun than Jerzie I think but I didn't get any pictures of myself :)

Susie said...

Simple pleasures like chalk and ice cream are the things that create wonderful memories! Cute photos!!

Utah Grammie said...

She's a real beauty! And she wear Crocks - my kind of gal -what fun!

Me said...

Kids and chalk are great (until it gets in lost in landscaping rocks and they find it again and decorate the side of the house. :)

She is adorable.