Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lily Pads!

On our way home from Roswell last weekend I asked Chris to please pull over so I could take some pictures of this pond we drive by all the time.

The sun wasn't in the best spot, but we got a few good pictures of the amazing pink lily pads.
The sound of the toads was so loud. I wish we could have just sat there and listened to them.

Since we were on a very busy road we didn't think that was a good idea.

Maybe next weekend the sun will be in the right spot when we drive through.


PEA said...

Hi Laurie & Chris:-)

Finally catching up with your latest posts! As always, you've shared absolutely gorgeous pictures with us...those rose pictures are breathtaking!! All the rose bushes I planted in my faerie garden this year are full of buds so hopefully they'll be opened soon!! Love the pictures of the lily pads as well...brought back a lot of memories of when we'd go to camp when I was a little girl. Dad would always go fishing and bring me back a water lily to put in my hair:-) xoxo

Me said...

Too bad you can't can the frog sound for your blog. ;) I love listening to frogs - it is such a neat sound.

Utah Grammie said...

Oh we don't have lilly pads here so I really appreciate the photos!They really are pretty huh?!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the lily pads. I love the pretty pink flowers. I bet it was nice hearing the frogs.