Monday, June 23, 2008

Jerzie and Mommy!!!

A week ago Friday, I got a text that Jerzie and Mommy were at the playground while Daddy was playing ball. They wondered if I would like to come over for a while. So I got the camera (of course) and headed to the playground.

I took some great pictures of Jerzie and her Mommy. I'm not sure who is having more fun Mommy or Jerzie. It looks like Jerzie might be :)

Don't you just love that grin?

Jerzie is talking Mommy into going down the slide with her.
Yep it worked. Mommy went down the slide with her.

" That's fun Mommy" is all Jerzie kept saying.

This last picture isn't great, but it has a story. Jerzie thought Mommy was closer than she was, and about gave Mommy and Aunt Laurie a heart attack. She thought she could jump from where she was. Thank God Mommy has good reflex's!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had a nice time at the playground.

Crystal said...

I love going to the playground with our granddaughters. They just have so much fun, don't they? Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. Good luck with the RV shopping. I hope you are successful and are able to enjoy it lots!!

The Smiths said...

Love all the sneaky pictures, lol