Saturday, May 17, 2008

Family Photo!

We sold benefit tickets for Dad to help pay for medical expenses. Today was the drawing, so we all got together for lunch and to draw the winners. Remember the white shirts that Laurie bought? You can probably tell by the picture that we made Lymphoma shirts for all of us to wear. They say "I Wear Lime Green for" "my dad", "my husband", "my father in law" and Jerzies says "for my papa". We probably shouldn't tell you what we put on Dads shirt. The cash prizes totaled $850.00. We haven't added up all of the money yet, but we think Dad will end up with about $4000.00 to help with expenses.


Susie said...

How very touching that you have these shirts to support your Dad. I'm sure the money raised towards his expenses must be so welcomed.
My prayers for him continue.

Me said...

I am glad it went well. I too pray that he continues to improve.