Thursday, April 24, 2008

What Are They Thinking??

Even though we don't have an evened out lawn from the work the city has been doing and the grass seed they planted isn't growing,

they found it necessary to come by and put mulch around the tree that they put grass seed around when they planted it.
They didn't fix the tire marks and dips in the lawn and they didn't rake the lawn or add enough dirt.

But they gave us mulch!! Thanks for nothing!!

I guess we will have to make another phone call.


Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Wow...that is a pretty sloppy job!

I hope you get someone to do something for ya!☺

Crystal said...

Good luck with the phone call! Thanks for sharing pictures of your spring. We are buried under more than a foot of snow - and a forecast for flurries again tomorrow. It looks more like February than April! We are going quadding on Saturday - I think a snowmobile suit might be necessary.

Pudgeduck said...

You should just do it yourself. I find in todays world, To get anything done-do it yourself. Just had to fax a report to Dr.- They can't find it---Again.