Sunday, April 13, 2008

Free Is Good!

Do you drink Pepsi?
Are you saving your Pepsi Points?

We are!

Chris loves when Pepsi runs these promotions. He usually gets free T-shirts. "what's better than a free T-shirt he says" He has a friend at work that takes bottles from work for the 5 cent refund and gives him the caps. The promotion began February 1st and runs until November 15th.

So far we have ordered 2 MP3 players, (one for each of us) 175 points each
2 Armbands for the MP3 players, 75 points each
and a set of ear bud headphones. 50 points

The MP3 players came with headphones but they aren't comfortable for Chris to wear at work for 8 hours.

It's not too late to start collecting points.

Check out all of the stuff you can get at Pepsi


Susie said...

Those are nice rewards for saving your Pepsi points. We don't drink much soda, so I hadn't heard of this one.

Cat said...

Wow, you drink a lot of Pepsi!!! I either grab a water or a beer!

Anonymous said...

That sure is a lot of pepsi awesome you get free gifts with your points. Guess it pays to drink that much soda. LOL! ;)

Ann said...

Paul & Lori are saving caps for downloads. They've downloaded a bunch of tunes for their Ipods. You two sure have been saving! great for you both!