Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Answer to "What the Heck" !

Since our friends and family that we see daily are going crazy asking what "What the Heck" is, I guess it is time that we tell you / show you "What the Heck" it is.

Do you remember this picture?

Here are all the great comments we got. No one really got the right answer, but Chris's mom was the closest with her comment.

Pudgeduck said... Maybe a wasp nest? Glad you find weird things in your garden- I'm not alone!!!!!!!!!!

Jean said... I don't know what it is and I certainly better not find out I was enlarging and closly inspecting animal doo! Mom

Ann said... I was going to guess a dead bees nest. Is that it? I never find such interesting things. I do have some new growth coming up in my flowers. Hurrah!

Muum said... Bluckh-o! I'm guessing a fungus.

Susie said... It looks similar to the paper wasp's nest we have had from time to time. I'm really not sure though..hugs

Utah Grammie said... I was thinking bees too, but it doesn't really resemble a hive - maybe it was made by a "committee" lolColleen

Utah Grammie said... ohohoh - a freaky mushroom???Colleen

Tracey said... You mom was right...this is definitely something I would have on my blog, lol! I'm not seeing any creepy spider legs sticking out, but it must be related to bees in someway. Anxiously awaiting the answer!

PEA said... Oh nooooo, the aliens have landed in your yard...runnnnnnn!! hehe My goodness, I have absolutely no idea what that thing is!

Jean said... I decided to add my 2 cents! I think it is a nut in the shell that has been wet and gotten mouldy over the winter. Mom

No Rain said... Fungus? Burl? I love a good mystery.Happy GTS, Aiyana

Simply Heart And Home said... I'm not sure what it is! Looks a bit like a fungus.

Anonymous said... could it possibly be a rotten old pumpkin from Halloween? If it is, yuk! Mom W.

When shoveling the front steps, Chris must have thrown it in the garden not knowing it was under the snow.
Thanks for playing along with us.


PEA said...

Well I'll be...I never would have guessed it once was a yellow gourd! lol I'm disappointed though that it's not an alien. hehe xoxo

Susie said...

Now that I know what it is, I can see what it once was!!

Simply Heart And Home said...

I wasn't even close! lol Thank you for letting us know. Now I can sleep nights! :)


Ann said...

Wow. It's sure not yellow anymore!