Monday, March 31, 2008

This Is Amazing!

We got these pictures in an E~mail the other day and thought that they were worth blogging about. They are all created with food.

Click on them to enlarge.

Someone sure has a lot of time and patience. Hope you enjoyed them.


Pudgeduck said...

Who in the world can even think of creating this? Not me!!!!That is incredible!!!!

Susie said...

Those are amazing photos. Someone is very talented! Loved seeing your Easter photos of little Jerzie. She's growing so fast. Also enjoyed her saying her colors..

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Laurie, Thanks for the tip on the date stamper. I do own one now and use it on almost every layout. I love the look of those. But when I first started....I was bad and didn't journal right away or date things. Bad bad girl. I think I have them figured out, but it sure took me a while. Thank God, I only have one child.

kris said...

Incredible - I've never seen anything like that before. Very creative.

Ann said...

Cool! Love the new spring colors for your blog!

Linda said...

The pictures are totally amazing!
Thanks for sharing them with us.
Very best wishes to your dad.
Linda x