Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Weird Toys!

Jerzie plays with some funny stuff when she is at our house.

She is playing with a coffee container here. She likes to take the lid on and off. She will put stuff inside and shake the container, smile and open it up again.
She likes socks on her hands. She will try to play with them on her hands. It is so funny watching her try to pick stuff up with them on.
She laughs at herself.
This is a heart shape box that has scooby doo on the front of it. She will sit and pull it apart and put it back together for quite a while.
Then she will say SCOOBY DOO!! It is so fun watching her. As you can see she does have real toys at our house and mommy always packs some for her, but this is what she likes to play with.


Lilli said...

So cute! My nephew (2 next month) does this mysterious thing. He grabs this one particular wooden building block, holds it with both hands, swings it from side to side in front of him, and giggles as if this is some hilarious joke! Neither his parents or us have any idea where he got this from! Funny kids :)