Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weather Tease!

This is what it looks like out our front window today. It looks so warm out, and it is warmer than it has been, but I think it is just a tease.
It is so nice to see the sun. We still have snow on the ground and we are going to get more this week.
My poor wheel barrow! It was starting to get pretty beat up last year. I hope it makes it through the winter!!

There are even shadows today!!! We have Baby J. for a few hours tonight. We always have so much fun. We can't wait to see what she has learned this week!!


homespun living said...

We had beautiful sunshine here as well, though I mostly enjoyed it from indoors. It's still very cold, but the sunshine has me thinking 'spring'.

Lilli said...

It's so nice to see some sun, isn't it? Cold and sunny is better than cold and cloudy any day!

I know what you mean about Jerzie learning something new each week. Steve and I see our nephew once a week and there's always some little change in him :)

Anonymous said...

Your winter themed blog brought a smile to my face. It's hard for me on the West Coast to imagine such beauty. Happy GTS!