Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Re ~ Organizing!

I got this cool label maker from Kim, Tabatha and Jerzie for Christmas. I have been working on re ~ organizing my scrapbook embellishments.
This is what the printed labels look like.

I bought these small containers at Joann's. They are 40% off right now. My brads and eyelets fit in them perfectly.

I found these small plastic jars at Big Lots. They were 8 for $1.00.

I put all of my different colored buttons in them.

I also found this storage bin for $1.00. The jars fit in it perfect.

I still have more re ~ organizing to do, but it should be easier to find what I am looking for now.


Dawn said...

Great organizing containers! Thanks for the heads-up on where to find them!!!

Lilli said...

Good for you! So far I'm only PLANNING to organize things around here, and haven't actually started :)