Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Present!

Kim and Tabatha bought us a Panini Press for Christmas. Chris and I couldn't wait to use it. We made Panini's tonight for dinner.

We mixed ricotta cheese, spinach, mozzarella cheese and fresh garlic together and put it in between two pieces of Wegmans Italian bread.

You only have to put it in the press for three to five minutes. We were surprised that the center got warm that fast. They were really good.

The bread gets really crunchy on the outside. Now we are trying to come up with some other ideas to make.

The press came with a few recipes. I have a lot of Rachael Ray cookbooks. I am sure she has made something with a Panini Press before. Do you have a Panini Press? If so what do you make with it?


kris said...

The Minneapolis paper just did an article on panini this week. Below is the link for one of their recipes. I'm going to go look for the actual paper and see if they had any others. I haven't been here in a long time, so I'm also going to check back on all of the posts I've missed. Talk to you later!!

kris said...

Shoot - that link didn't work when I just tried it. I'll find the recipes and email them to you - okay? I have a funny story to share with you anyway - do you remember the letter you sent about sharing recipes? When I was cleaning off the dining room table before xmas, I found the letter. Yes, I was totally embarrassed - I'm sure I USUALLY clean more often than that!!!! My life has just been a teensy bit crazy.

kris said...

Oh, what fun to go back through your posts! I loved your tree and other decorations. It looks like you guys all had a wonderful holiday!

Best wishes for 2008 - I'll be emailing you soon!!

Crystal said...

I've looked at these a few times, I think our daughter would like one. But she already has so many specialized kitchen things and her kitchen is so small. Your panini definitely look yummy!

Muum said...

that looks tasty! I'v had panini with ham and cheese combos, before, but that sounds really good. thanks for swinging by my blg for a visit.