Saturday, January 26, 2008

It Really Works!

Sometimes dishes come out of the dishwasher wet, or with spots. Wouldn’t it be great to have dry dishes right out of the dishwasher, with no more towel-drying? New JET-DRY® Turbo Dry™ ensures your dishes come out ready to be put away—even your plastic items.

JET-DRY® Turbo Dry™ is a new type of dishwasher additive—a Drying Agent—that is specifically engineered to give you amazingly dry cutlery, glass, and even plastic items.
Check out their website HERE.

Today was the first time that all of the dishes in our dishwasher came out dry. We usually have to dry them before we can put them away, not today!!!
Not a very exciting post, but we thought we should share.


Anonymous said...

I will be right over with my dirty dishes. lol
have a great weekend

Crystal said...

Sorry I haven't been over to visit for awhile (crazy busy but good week!) but it was good to catch up today. I love your new purse! And Mother and Daughter days are great, aren't they? Happy 500th post!

Anonymous said...

Hey I use this stuff too!! Glad Donna is bringing her dishes to you instead of me :) Julie