Friday, December 14, 2007

This Is How We Feel!

We got our tree last Saturday and put it in the stand the same day. Yesterday we put lights and our ornaments on it. We finished at about 8:30. At 8:45 the tree tipped over almost knocking Chris down. Of coarse we had just watered it, so water was every where. We lost a few ornaments. Some of them broke, but we glued them back together. This has never happened to us before.
We took all of the ornaments off last night. Tonight we put the lights back on and re-decorated. The tree is up and it isn't going any where. (If it does, it will be going to the curb!! That is where I wanted to take it last night!!!)
We can tell you that decorating the tree isn't as fun the second time in the same week!!


Jean said...

I can't believe your tree fell over after being in the stand so long! It looks beautiful, as always. Mom

PEA said...

Your tree is gorgeous!! Oh dear, I have had that happen to me once before, the tree falling over. It was about 20 years ago and I was babysitting 6 kids at the time...they were in the living room watching tv when the tree suddenly decided to dive bomb them! Thankfully they weren't hurt but what a shock they got...and ME! As you say, no fun decorating it the second time around! lol xox

Zoey said...

oh, how awful to have your tree fall over! I can imagine it was not much fun to decorate it the second time. But it does look beautiful!

I love your Christmas background!

Ann said...

Our tree fell over last year after being in the stand all day. We laughed and laughed but I forgot to take a picture! I never did get it decorated the same and as nice. My dad always tied our tree to the wall. Now I know why.