Monday, December 03, 2007

Full Freezer!

Chris's deer was ready to be picked up from processing yesterday, so we drove out last night to get it.
On the way there I spotted this doe sitting in the woods about 15 yards off the road. This is a small wooded area between two houses in Busti.

We picked up the meat and told the owner (Mike) that we hoped to see him again before the end of the season. Chris can still get 2 more deer.

On the way home we stopped where the doe was at. There were 8 deer standing there now. There are 2 deer in this picture. The second one is in the back right peeking at us.

We ended up with 22 packages of Italian Sausage (6 per pack), plus all of the normal stuff like steaks, chops, roasts and the tenderloins.

The inside of the freezer and the door is pretty full. We split 1/2 of a pig with my brother this year too, so we have a lot of meat to eat this year.


Jean said...

Great song!! Your brother will love it! Your winter decor is beautiful! Good job! Mom

Ann said...

I like your new site! The picture at the top is beautiful! Congraulations on the deer! yummy!

Anonymous said...

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