Monday, November 19, 2007

When Did This Happen?

Don't you just love how bright and cheery this tree is?
This tree was here when we bought our house. We love the flowers and the fact that it has no fruit that we have to clean up.

Early this spring we had an unpleasant surprise.

The city did work in our yard (I'm sure you all read about it). While doing the work, they cut into too many roots and killed the tree.

The other morning when Laurie got up, she looked out the window to see how much snow we got overnight and noticed that the tree was gone.

All that is left is a mound of grass...

and the stump.

The city is going to replace the tree. We had 9 choices on what they were going to replace it with. 3 of the choices grow to over 25 feet tall, 5 are fruit bearing trees so the one we chose is a Spring Snow Crabapple. It says that it will grow to 18' tall and 15' wide. It will have single white flowers and no fruit. We will see how long it takes for them to plant it.

P.S. I got a deer today but won't be putting any pictures of it on the blog.


PEA said...

Oh dear, I can just imagine how upsetting it was to lose that tree, it was so beautiful in all its blooming glory! I know what you mean about wondering when the city will replace the tree...they never seem to be in any hurry about those things are they! Congrats on getting your deer!! My dad was an avid moose hunter and I remember how happy he'd be when he'd get back home with one:-) xox

Susie said...

Sorry you lost that beautiful tree.
I hope that the one that replaces it is equally nice.
Happy Thanksgiving to both of you :)

Crystal said...

Too bad about the beautiful tree! It probably will take a very long time for the next one to get even a little bit as nice. Thanks for not posting pictures of the deer :)) What will you do with it? Is sausage making in your future? That's why my b-i-l always does with his.