Saturday, November 10, 2007

Put Your Hiking Boots On!

Today is day #6 of our vacation. We are off to find another pond today. There are over 3000 ponds and lakes in the 6 million acres of Adirondack Park.
There are over 2000 miles of trails in Adirondack Park. This trail is 6 miles long and ends at the summit of Whiteface Mountain. (we may have to come back a few more times to finish hiking all of them:) LOL)

This is where the trail cuts off to go to Connery Pond. The pond is only a short distance from here.

The pond was amazing. The area around it was a little swampy with lots of grassy areas.

That is Whiteface Mountain all the way in the back. We had already been to Whiteface today and decided not to hike the whole 6 miles.

The area was very peaceful and serene.

There was quite a bit of wildlife around. Here is one critter that let us take his picture.