Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is It Worth It???

Not to open the hunting season on the pretext that there is no game would be as if one gave up celebrating Christmas because there was not enough snow to go by sleigh to midnight Mass.
-Maurice Grimaud
The things I go through to go hunting! First off, my poor wife is always awake with me at 5:00 in the morning.
The first thing I do to get ready is take my shower and use this special soap.

Then it is downstairs. I use special deodorant before I get dressed. Getting dressed usually consists of 4-5 layers of clothes.

Then I start to fill up all 9 of my pockets.

I make sure I have my wallet with me. It has my ID and my hunting tags in it.

I always bring my walkie talkie and headphone so I can chat with my brother in law or anyone else that comes out.

I take my knife just in case I actually get something to use it on.

A little scent to attract the "big one".

Shotgun shells - usually 14. (4 in each coat pocket holder and 6 to load in the gun)

A dragging rope and harness.

A compass just in case we track one for 4 hours and end up somewhere we have never been before. (sorry Kim)

Scent killer to spray on my boots so they can't smell where I have walked. (does this stuff really work???)

My cellphone to let my wife know that I am OK or to let her know when I get one.

This doesn't include my hat, my gloves, my hot seat, a little snack and um oh yeah my gun. And I wonder why I am worn out after walking for a couple miles in the woods.


Jean said...

Great post but didn't you forget the bear spray and tp? Mom

PEA said...

LOL Chris...whatever happened to just bringing a gun with you? lol Actually I remember my dad getting ready to go hunting for a week...a packsack for food, a packsack for a change of clothes, axe, gun, ammunition, lantern, sleeping bag, etc etc etc!!

Ann said...

Well, did you get a deer? My husband doesn't hunt but our good friend does. He has seen several but hasn't been able to get a good shot. My brother got one last week in TN where he lives and my UPS driver has gotten two. Your wallet looks just like my husband's!