Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Did you or your kids have a....

Fisher-Price Puffalump?
I was at work one day and saw that they were making Puffalumps again and remembered that I had one when I was growing up.

I went home, found mine and washed it. I thought that Jerzie might like playing with it.

My Puffalump is a puppy that is made of extra soft parachute-type fabric. Puppy has white yarn "hair" sprouts on top of his head. He has long droopy ears, brown stitched eyes, a large rounded pink velvety nose, and a large pink stitched smile. He has peach arms with stitched "paws", and peach legs with white pads on the bottom of his feet. He has the Puffalump trademark symbol on the bottom of his left foot.

Well, I was right. Jerzie loves to play with it. She likes the feel of the material and how soft it is.

It is just one more thing for her to grab when she is feeling tired.