Friday, September 07, 2007

Jury Duty!!

A couple of weeks ago I got a summons for city court jury duty. I had already done State jury duty a few years ago. When you get the letter you don't have much of a choice. If you click on the writing below you can read it better.

I called on the 5th at 6:00 PM and got a message that said Jurors for MAY 3rd are to report for jury Duty. I hung up and called back. I thought I had heard her wrong, no I heard her right. So I texted Chris and told him and asked him what I should do. In the mean time I called every phone number on the paper work no luck. Chris said to try the non-emergency police line, so I did. The police Sargent said they should have changed the message and he didn't know what to tell me. No one would be back until 8:00AM. Well my problem is that I go into work at 7:00AM and if I don't have jury duty I would be considered late. We have a new absenteeism policy and it would count against me. So I got up at 5:00 AM and left for work at 6:30.

I called at 8:00AM and found out that I had to report. This is where I spent my after noon. I left work a little after 8:00 to come home and change. Off I went to City Hall. There were 10 cases to be seen by the judge (who just happened to be Chris's lawyer). They came in and gave us updates all morning on how many settled out of court or to a plea bargain. At 12:00 they said there were only 2 cases left and they said that they would like for us to wait to take lunch to see if these 2 would settle. At 12:40 all 30 of us were called into the court chambers and were thanked by the judge for our time and told that we could all go and that we wouldn't be called again for 6 years!!

Thank goodness we were allowed to bring books and magazines with us. Even though we were really only there a little over 3 hours, it seemed like forever.

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T*mmy said...

I've only been called to JD once when I lived in TX...after all the trouble I went to finding the place and then a parking area, we were then sent home....

Those little shakers are cute, I've never seen anything like them!

PEA said...

I did Jury Duty about 24 years ago and haven't been called since...I'm not complaining! lol The case I was jury on involved 2 guys who had hired a stripper for a birthday party! Sheesh! xox

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I had to do this in July and everything was settled out of court. The judge gave us an hour long lecture on American history and law before we started!

Me said...

I served a few years ago. I rather enjoyed it the time at court - although the constant phone calls to see when I needed to be there and then the trips back and forth were a real hassle.

BTW thanks for the sweet offer! I would love some columbine and/or lupine. Would you like me to email you my address?

Laurie & Chris said...

Me ~ Yes, please e-mail your address to us and I will get them right out to you.

Lilli said...

Yikes, what a story!

Cute shaker boxes :)