Thursday, August 02, 2007


Chris had just finished mowing the lawn the other day and was getting ready to trim the bushes when one of our neighbors came over to talk to him. He told Chris he was sorry that he hadn't been a very good neighbor in the past and that he didn't even remember my name. We have lived here for 11 years and really haven't talked to this man except to say hi. Anyway Chris and our neighbor talked for close to an hour. He said he had this planter in the basement and wondered if I would want it. He said it was just taking up room in his basement.

Isn't it cool? Chris sat it on the deck and it was the first thing I saw when I came home. I was wondering where it came from at first. I thought maybe mom went to a sale and picked it up, then I new that wasn't it because she would have keep it for herself : )

Look at the cool curves. Chris left me a note to tell me what happened. I was as shocked as he was.

This side is flat. I'm not sure about the red pots. I know it needs a good cleaning. I'm going to look for something to put in it. I may put it in our new garden by the deck. Then the neighbor could also enjoy it since it would face his house.

Do you have any ideas what I should plant in the pots ?

Has anyone seen a planter like this before?


PEA said...

Wow, it's no wonder you were so surprised by who left you that planter...imagine him finally becoming neighbourly after 11 years! lol That planter is so sweet...I could see pansies in those little pots, they would drape over the pots too! Looking forward to seeing what you end up doing with it:-) xox

Zoey said...

Hi Laurie,
Yes, I've seen them.It seems like they were popular in the 1980's. I think something like wave petunias would work nicely. . . they would drape down and eventually cover all the metal making it look like one big planter, which I think would be stunning.

Zoey said...

...unless, of course, those waves are like mine and just sit there not growing much at all! :)

Lallee said...

There's a neighbor you need to stay in touch with! I love it.

kris said...

Hi Laurie & Chris - first, thank you so much for stopping by my blog - I appreciate your comment very much. It's good to have friends!
I love your planter - and that your neighbor reached out to you! I agree with Zoey - wave petunias would be very cool. I can definitely see it sitting in your new garden space.
I love your Rose of Sharon from your previous post - absolutely stunning. Great photos! And I love the story behind it too - my favorite plants usually have a story to go with them. :)
And - since I haven't been keeping up very well! - looks like you had a fun overnight with Baby J - she is so cute!

Anonymous said...

How very nice of your neighbor.
I would plant something delicate that sort of hangs over the edges.

Sue said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog, always nice to see a new face! I love the cute template you have, very nice and so is that free planter! How can I join in on the Green Thumb Sunday? I love that idea!! Thanks!