Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sky Jam Part 1 !

Last Saturday after going to see Stephanie sing and visiting with Chris's mom and dad we went to Sky Jam. It is held at our local airport. People from all over bring their hot air balloons to the city for a weekend show. There are crafters, food vendors and local bands provide the entertainment.

During the day you can see balloons flying all over the sky.

These two were taken flying over the downtown area.

This balloon was at the airport. It is used to give tethered rides. It is quite expensive so they weren't very busy while we were there. After all of the day time festivities are done, all of the balloons line up on the ground and do a balloon glow. It is really cool because you can get as close as you want.
Check back tomorrow for the pictures that we took after dark.


PEA said...

I love seeing hot air balloons and one day hope to go to a show...not sure if any are held around here though. I don't think I'd go up in one, though, I'm terrified of heights!! Such beautiful that first one of the two balloons against the blue sky! xox

T*mmy said...

We're supposed to have a hot air balloon festival soon! Tethered or no I think I'll keep these feet on the good solid earth *big grin*