Thursday, August 30, 2007

Can You See Me Now?

As most of you know Baby J's Daddy, Grandpa and Uncle Chris all love to hunt. So when Baby J. opened this camo dress at her birthday party all of the guys thought it was so cool.

I think Baby J. is playing a game with me.
Do you see the lace towards the bottom of her dress?

Oh look she is looking at me now, with a cute little smirk on her face.
She sure is thirsty today.

She has little ruffled camo panties on to cover her diaper too. Mommy and Daddy's friends Jim and Jill bought this cute outfit for baby J.

Sure, she smiled after she turned her head on me.

You can tell she is laughing at me. Do you think she knows that I am going to take her picture or what?


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Awwww.... how cute--and with ruffled camo panties to boot?! Sweet!

She probably just didn't smile right at you because she was trying to pretend she meant business in that camo outfit. ;)

PEA said...

LOL she is sooo adorable! It certainly does look like she was playing a game with you....wonder if she's thinking you're as bad as grandma with the camera?? hehe That camo dress is just too cute for words!! xox