Saturday, August 25, 2007

Auction Part 2 !

When mom and I got to the auction and were looking around, she said "if I bid on a chair slap me upside the head". She got a chair AND a slap in the head for her money. LOL!

Mom got the wood pieces and the old bucket for $1.00. She has big plans for the box of wood already.

Next she bid on this box full of boxes. We both were going to bid on this but mom was faster with her bids.

This was the only box that I cared about. When I was younger, Super Lou kept our crayons in a box like this. It was really cool to find a box like that again. Mom was nice enough to give me the box.

Mom also bought a pile of windows. She has a lot of plans in her head for these windows.

At the end of the auction, this table was still there. Somehow they had missed it during the auction. Mom and another lady both asked about it. Mike held a private auction just between the two of them. This was what we had to go back to pick up on Friday.

Here is one of my big investments. I want to use it as a trellis in one of my gardens.

I'm not sure what I am going to use this for yet, but thought it was really cool anyway.

Even the tines are made out of wood.

We both bid on a few other items but got outbid. We think we both did pretty good for our first auction.


Dawn said...

Excellent deals!!!! WoW!

Me said...

Ooooooooooooh, your Mom's wood pieces - I am most certainly drooling. The boxes...I can't believe the boxes and the windows and the scrap wood were only a dollar...I doubt if you could find them for that price around here. Wow...

At least I don't have to be the jealous about the brother bought a hundred year old house with multi-paned glazed windows, of course, they replaced the windows and I get the old ones!! Yeah. :)

It was very kind of your Mom to give you the box after you smacked her on the head. ;)

The Tattered Nest said...

you did good girl! love the wooden rake! and the little green chair your Mom got is adorable...everything was so cheap!

kris said...

Cool stuff! Your ladder will be fun - and love the wooden rake! I'm drooling over the windows your mom got. The crayon box reminded me of my grandpa. He smoked cigars (non-stop! The good news is because of him I actually like the smell of cigars!) and he would give the boxes to us kids. When I cut off my long hair in 5th grade, I kept the pony-tail in a cigar box - for years! I used the boxes for crayons and other treasures. I wish I had some of those now!

Kylee said...

Isn't that a hay rake? That's wonderful and you got it for a DOLLAR!! Good job!!! Looks like you two had a great time! :-)

lisa said...

Wow....great buys! I just LOVE auctions! That hay rake was an especially good

Connie said...

Wow...such great deals! Especially the wooden rake for 1.00! Love the color of the green chair, must be milk paint?