Thursday, July 12, 2007

Secret Gardens Tour #4

The fourth garden on our tour is the Doverspike garden. Mom and I had been to this garden before during the garden tour in 2003. Mr. Doverspikes garden has changed a lot since then.

There were two of these lining the driveway. They are actually window boxes just sitting in the driveway. I think they look really pretty sitting there.

This birdbath fountain is in the back just as you enter the garden.

Here is what we believe is a fence made out of willow. If you visit Moms blog you may have already seen this fence. It looks so nice with all the green.

Someone on the tour asked Mr. Doverspike how long it took him to do his garden. He said he bought his house 22 years ago and started working on the garden back then and is still working on it.

As you can tell, I have a thing for ponds. It is added to my wish list or as some may call it my some day list :)

Mom and I both thought that these grape vine balls were really cool!

Most of this garden is a shade garden.

The dark burgundy grass is planted in a planter in front of a garden gate.

By the way, Mr. Doverspike is also a retired teacher from the high school that Chris and I graduated from.

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PEA said...

Another beautiful's all the little touches that make a garden so special, like that willow fence and the grape vine balls. Just gorgeous!! xox

melissa said...

wow such a beautiful garden! love the extras like the fountain and the grape vine balls :)

kris said...

Great garden - it is so fun to do the tour with you! I am getting a lot of fun ideas for my gardens from this - thanks!