Sunday, July 29, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday!

Here are some shots from our nature walk yesterday. We aren't sure of the names of the wildflowers.

Stop by yesterdays post to see what else we got pictures of.

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy GTS.


No Rain said...

Gorgeous insect shots. I'm always envious of those who can get them,. I've never captured a clear insect photo yet!

PEA said...

I was gone on a day trip yesterday and will post about it tomorrow...I was walking through some bush area and taking pictures of wildflowers just as you did...mine didn't turn out as clear though! lol xox

kris said...

Beautiful photos - as usual!!
I finally did my things that rock post - sorry it took me so long! And thanks for tagging me - it was fun to do. (When I hit publish, it didn't show up right away on the blog - I assume it will at some time...)

farmingfriends said...

Your photography is fabulous so clear and interesting. Thanks for sharing your walk with us.
Sara from farmingfriends

Ann said...

As usually great photos! I love you get so close up to your subject. The shot of the fern is great. I've thought about doing that but haven't. I'll have to try it next time I'm out and about. I've been biking and camping this weekend and took some photos of flowers and such. I'm posting them tomorrow. Please stop by!

Lallee said...

Your pictures are wonderful! I love the bee photo.