Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bath Time!

While out for a walk Chris and I noticed these Blue Jays taking a bath in our neighbors birdbath. We tried to be sneaky about it and get some pictures before the birds saw us.

It was starting to get dark out, so the pictures aren't as clear as we would like them to be but we had to share them anyway.
They sure were having a lot of fun.

Click on pictures to enlarge and see all the splashing that is going on.

We haven't shown our neighbor the photos yet, but I am sure he and his wife will love them. See why you should always bring your camera with you when you go for a walk.


Lilli said...

Wow! That is SO cool. I've never seen 3 Bluejays, let alone splashing around in a birdbath :)

Chitweed said...

I'm so glad you had your camera with you! I always thought that Bluejays had a bad rap as being mean birds. Those in the pictures sure seem like a fun bunch! Great pictures.

PEA said...

How fabulous! We get the odd blue jay here but never more than one at a wonderful to have 3 of them taking a bath together!! Your neighbours will certainly love the pictures:-) xox

kris said...

I love blue jays - great photos. How fun to see them splashing around like that. I think their coloring is so beautiful - glad you had your camera!

Ann said...

How lucky you were to get these photos. I don't think they are too dark.