Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weed Control!

We have been putting this project off for quite a while. We needed to get this side of the deck taken care of. Today was the day.
Believe it or not there are Iris's in this mess.

Chris dug all the weeds out. I sat on the ground on a piece of plywood and went through everything he dug out. I separated all the Iris's from the weeds and put them in a bucket.

Doesn't it look nice? We are going to put weed control paper down and get a load of top soil. Then I can plant all the flowers that we took out of the front garden and put them here.

Here is one bucket of Iris's we dug out. Mom took a bucket of them home with her today.

In the box is another kind of Iris. I was so surprised when I started going through them. I didn't think that I had so many. We didn't get many blooms this year, so it was really time to dig them up and separate them.

This is Lady's-Mantle. It was also in the weeds. There is a girl at work that wanted some. I will take these to her on Monday.

Chris also made me a small garden for my birdbath that he and mom gave me for my birthday. We had enough paper for this garden. It is ready for the dirt.

We got a lot done today. We are both happy it is finally done. We think it looks much better already. We are sure the neighbors were happy to see that we finally did something with the mess.


PEA said...

I was weeding my faerie garden AGAIN and I'm really sorry I didn't put any of that weed control paper down first! The weeds are growing faster than my flowers! lol You guys did a great job and it's always nice to be able to start from scratch and plant your flowers/bulbs exactly where you want them!! Your birdbath is gorgeous and it will look stunning with flowers all around it!! xox

"Early Bird" said...

The birdbath will be so pretty when you get done with you guys ever rest??

kris said...

Wow - you got a lot done! I hate when the weeds over take the plants - but like you said, most of those plants need to be dug up and divided from time to time anyway! :) Can't wait to see your birdbath garden - the birdbath is really pretty and I love the rock edging.

Zoey said...

Wow, Chris and Laurie, that looks beautiful. You accomplished so much! That's a lot of heavy digging. Can't wait to see it all planted.