Friday, June 01, 2007

Want Some?

Our Lupine are blooming!
They look so pretty in our back garden against our white picket fence.
For a closer view, click on each photo.
We have 2 colors growing right now. I'm not sure if the red ones came back this year or not.

The first year we planted our seeds, we didn't seem to get a lot of plants. It has been 3 years now and the Lupine are taking over the back garden.

For those not familiar with Lupine, they are a perennial. They are best suited for zones 4-6. They grow the best in mostly sunny areas with well drained moist soil and can grow between 1 and 4 feet tall.

If you are interested and would like some seeds at the end of the blooming season, let us know. We can send you some of the seeds that we get this year. Leave us a comment and E-mail us your address.


kris said...

Your lupine are gorgeous! I would love to have some seeds from you - but first have to tell you that I may not be their best home. They grow just fine for a year or two and then they seem to die out. In my favor, I do have a couple plants back this year after none last year. What do you think??

kris said...

P.S. I like your new look!!

PEA said...

Your new look is just fabulous! Chris, you're getting mighty good at making those headers my friend, absolutely beautiful!! I had one lupine plant growing a few years back and it disappeared...I don't know if a neighbour's kid pulled it out but one day it was gone. Flower theif! lol Anyway, I would love to get some of your seeds...I want to plant some in my faerie garden at the back where the trellis is...pretty please:-) I'll email you my address! xox

Ann said...

Beautiful flowers and I like your new look on your site. You always come up with such neat backgrounds.

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

I love your beautiful lupine! And I sure would love some seeds and try my hand at growing them! On top of that- every time I look at them I would think of you and that would make them even more special!
If you have extra-maybe you could give them to your Mom to give to Dawn (4:53AM) and that way you wouldn't have to mail them! Thanks so much! Claudia O.

Anonymous said...

I have jsut found your blog site. Love everything I have read so far. Your pictures of your flowers ore beautiful. I would love to get some seeds if possible.
would be more than happy to send a SASE. Love your dragonflies on the page also. Conni