Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blooming Roses!

We are not sure what kind of roses these are. They were here when we moved in. They were all over the lawn in rows of three or four. We have 12 or so bushes now that we moved to a garden.

When they are open they are so pretty!!
This is one of our mini rose bushes. The aphids seem to like them, but I think I took care of them early enough this year so I can see a couple blooms.

I have a few different bushes that should be open soon. We will be sharing photos with you.


PEA said...

I so love roses...yours are so very beautiful! I just bought two more miniature rose plants today, couldn't resist them! lol xox

kris said...

Oh, your roses are beautiful! I love the pink one especially. Do they have a lovely scent too? Can't wait to see the rest when they open.

"Early Bird" said...

Very pretty...I love roses!