Friday, May 11, 2007

Our First Trip!

This was one of our errands yesterday. We wanted to look at some trees to see if we would rather plant a couple trees instead of re-doing the flower garden. The city still hasn't finished up with the storm drains:(

We had heard that one of our favorite greenhouses had expanded this year and thought we would check it out. Boy did they expand. I think they added 8 new greenhouses which makes about 20 all together.

Click to enlarge.
This little ladybug flew by us and landed as we were entering one of the greenhouses.

Some of their prices are a little high, but they have beautiful plants.

This is the walking path between the 2 rows of greenhouses. It leads up to the area where the trees, shrubs and bushes are at.

We didn't buy anything yet since we aren't sure when we will be able to plant anything. We took some close-up pictures of some of the flowers. We will be posting them some time soon.


PEA said...

I just love going to greenhouses and seeing what they have available! What a great shot you got of that lady bug!! Hopefully the city will finish up with their drain work soon and you can plant whatever you decide on!! Have a wonderful weekend you two! xoxo