Monday, May 07, 2007

Got Junk?

This week is spring clean-up on our side of town. We actually have clean-up twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. You can put anything at the curb that weighs less then 40lbs. The city will pick it up.
Do you see anything you would like??
How about a Jack A**?
Do you need a toaster oven?

How about a TV?

This one caught my attention! I THOUGHT it was a baby cradle. I was going to go and get it after dark, then I took a picture of it out our window and it isn't a baby cradle :( It is a beat up magazine rack.

The best part of clean up is putting something good on the curb and watching to see how long it takes for it to disappear. I will have to say that Chris and I did some 'street shopping' back in the day. (at least we waited until it was dark out)


PEA said...

I just love shopping at night! lol Isn't it amazing how you can put something at the road for clean up week and next thing you know it's gone! No thanks, I don't need that Jack A**, I got one of my own!! Did I just say that?? hehe That magazine rack certainly does look like a baby cradle, that's what I thought it was when I saw the picture!! Let us know if you got any good buys! lol xox

Ann said...

They used to do this in our town but don't anymore. It was fun to watch the people come around and make your junk their's. We still get rid of stuff by putting it on the sidewalk and putting a FREE sign on it. Doesn't take long for it to be gone.

How about that #48!!!!!

kris said...

Our town does this too - spring and fall. And you can bet on at least some of your stuff being gone before the day of the actual pick-up. We do some shopping that way too - last year we were looking for an old windsurfer board to use when we're pulling weeds from the lake (put the weeds on the board and then haul up to the dock - and then up to the compost pile - nothing is ever easy here!) - and wouldn't you know, we found one! Our pick-up is this coming Saturday, so we need to get busy. (Do you need a small 8 gal beer keg - it comes with an anchor hook. You can put it in the lake and tie your lightweight sailboat to it. We used to tie ropes off it and use it to keep from drifting when we were out on the lake on floaties. I'm not sure we should be getting rid of it actually!!)

Susie said...

Our town does this 4x per year, but it has to be bagged. Guess it's not exactly the same, as you really can't see what anyone puts out!!

Lilli said...

We once left a huge Ikea entertainment unit on our front lawn. We had painted it (originally black)w with a white paint that had over time chipped off in several spots. It looked a wreck. We left the house for a couple hours and when we returned it was gone!

Zoey said...

Hmmmmmm........If I was confident that nobody would see me, that beat up magazine rack would have been in my trunk quicker than you could say "baby cradle". LOL. I would have used it as a planter on my deck.

A little screening tacked inside to hold the soil in, a bit of potting soil, and some nice plants that would trail down....I love "unique" planters!