Sunday, March 04, 2007

Not A Normal Sunday!

Because there was no Nascar race on this weekend, We took a little road trip to Erie to Lowes.
I think Chris thought maybe Jimmie Johnson would be there.(hehe)

We went to Lowes to get a few things for Chris to start a home improvement project. We will have to show you pictures before he starts it.
We hope you had a good weekend!


Susie said...

My husband really prefers Lowe's to Home Depot. They are just so much more customer oriented.

Tammy said...

Good luck on the project...I actually like to go to Lowe's Home Improvement, myself...hehe!

PEA said...

We don't have Lowes here...geez we're so deprived! lol Good luck to Chris with his home improvement project...can I be the Supervisor?? lol