Sunday, March 25, 2007


I spent part of my day yesterday at my (favorite) mother-in-laws house. She has been having some computer problems lately. (programs not opening properly, errors and just slow operation)

I added some system memory, cleaned up her hard drive and did quite a few updates. I still have 1 more thing to fix, but it seems to be running a lot better and faster than before.
Now I just have to figure out how much to charge her.
I did make a house call, and it was a Saturday!


Dawn said...

She told me you were upstairs when I was there getting a trim...She MUST have her PC in order!!! Glad you are so available for these things.

Jean said...

Figure out what I owe you and I'll decide what to charge for the hand delivered news paper every Sunday and the haircuts!! Thanks, again Chris! You're awesome as always and still my favorite son-in-law! Love, Mom

Tammy said...

Goody, now she'll be cookin' with gas!!

Susie said...

You are so handy. I wish my computer repair man made housecalls!!

PEA said...

Oh're so smoothe...adding that "favourite" mother in law bit! hehe Seriously, though, how wonderful that you know so much about computers and can help her out when needed!! Tell her you want a really nice cake baked....and I'll be right over!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to have someone in the family who can do things like this for her.

I really came by to introduce myself to Laurie...(although we have been partners before). She is my Bunny Swap partner.

Hope you both have a wonderful week.
Take care,