Sunday, March 18, 2007

Are You Kidding Me???

There were some angry people in our household this afternoon......
The race was supposed to start at 1:30 and when we turned the TV on this is what channel 29 looked like. Our local Fox station out of Buffalo was having some technical difficulties. We were preparing to listen to the race on the radio (boring), but it came on at about 1:25.

Quotes from
"It's Jimmie's world"
"Johnson passes Stewart with three to go to win at Atlanta"
It's a good thing, I wouldn't want to miss Jimmie winning!!!
Sorry there are no recipe's this week (Julie), but Laurie had the flu this weekend so we didn't eat anything too exciting.


Susie said...

That flu is really making the rounds in blogland. Hope you feel better Laurie!

Anonymous said...

You tell her to get better or else!!! She is lucky she had the shamrock shake on here for me to drool over...GO JIMMIE!!! :) Julie

PS. No really Laurie I do hope you feel better, it is no fun being sick!! We put Hannah, (who I hope you hear alot about) in daycare after Thanksgiving and I think we have had a permanent cold virus in our house since then.

Ann said...

Another win for #48! Hurrah!!!!!