Tuesday, March 20, 2007

12 Years!!!

Today is my 12th anniversary at Walmart. I can't believe I have been there for that long. After working as a Cashier, a Department Manager, in the Cash Office, as a CSM, and as a floor associate I am finally working a job that I love. It only took 11 years! I enjoy my job in Floral so much that I don't mind going to work.
(Did I really just say that???)

Have a Smiley day!!!


PEA said...

Hi Laurie & Chris:-) I've been out of touch for only a few days but it feels like a month! lol I've been spending the day on and off trying to get caught up with everyone..I think it will take me more than a day!! Laurie, congratulations on your 12th anniversary at WalMart..that is really terrific! Great also that you're now in a department you enjoy so much:-) xox

barman said...

Isn't that a wonderful feeling. I get that way some times. There are those weekends where I can not wait for it to be over so I can get back to work. Go figure since I have been at the same place for, are you ready for this, a bit over 18 years. Anything over 5 years is something else. 12 year is wonderful. Belated congratulations for you. I hope you made yourself up an arrangement to celebrate the occasion.

Zoey said...

Happy 12th Annv. How wonderful that you enjoy your job so much.

I've been 23 yrs. at mine, and I enjoy it, too (most days).