Tuesday, February 13, 2007


We are sorry we haven't been able to visit much this week. Laurie is working a lot more hours because of Valentines Day. She even had to work the weekend which she hasn't done in years. She is trying to get everything ready for the big day!!
Chris has also been busy doing stuff that Laurie hasn't been able to do this week. By next weekend things should be back to normal. We are trying to keep up with bloglines but we are a little behind. So if you don't hear from us be patient we will be back !! :)


Lilli said...

This mauve bouquet is amazing!

Good luck with the busy-ness. This too shall pass and you will have been responsible for so many peoples' happiness on V-Day :)

PEA said...

Such beautiful flower arrangements! When you work in retail, Valentine's Day certainly is a busy time for the workers! We're not going anywhere so we'll still be here when you guys have more time to visit:-) Hugs xox

Kentucky Gal said...

those are beautiful bouqet's!!
we'll be here!!