Wednesday, January 10, 2007

One Month!

#48 Jimmy Johnson

#9 Kasey Kahne

The Budweiser shoot-out is in one month! One Month??? You mean it's not time for racing yet? In our house, a normal Sunday is watching the race. Depending on what time it is on, you may get some scrapbooking done or driving a race car yourself. (on the computer) If Chris could get in one of those cars he would in a heartbeat!! (SHH..Don't tell his Mom!) Sunday is NO rule day. You eat what you want, you do what you want when you want!!

You gotta love Sundays!!


Susie said...

My daughter went through school (k-8)
with a very famous Nascar racer, Jeff Gordon. He still visits this town as he has family here.

PEA said...

Don't hate me but I don't know who any racers are! lol My sons were never into it and so I'm completely clueless!

Anonymous said...

YEA another Jimmie fan!!! I didn't get in to Nascar till I met my husband..his driver was Rusty Wallace and I didn't have one so I thought hey why not pick the cute one!! Guess what..he actually knows what he is doing out there. GO JIMMIE!!! We went to a Bristol race and boy was it ever AMAZING!!
One you get to wear your pj's all day on Sunday too?:)
Can that be a rule??***Julie***