Saturday, December 16, 2006

More Cookies!

Four more kinds of cookies done today. That is ten kinds DONE!!
Sugar Cookies (We didn't take the time this year to use cookie cutters. No one looks at them any way!)

Melt aways (These take the longest. We made 204 cookies so we got 102 sandwiches!)

They melt in your mouth!!

Chocolate cookies with chocolate cherry kisses.

Magical Mint Kiss Cookies

We have two more things we would like to get done before Christmas eve. We have decided we aren't going to make any fudge this year.


PEA said...

Oh yum, all your cookies look soooo good!! I always love to see different varieties from what I'll have to post the recipes for all these goodies one day:-) I'm going to be on the road most of this week so I'll take the opportunity now to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!! Enjoy this wonderful time of the year! xoxo

Lilli said...

My oh my! I don't think I've seen so much scrumptiousness in a long time! Good for you, making so many different kinds of cookies :)