Friday, November 03, 2006

Winter is Here :(

Before I went down stairs this morning, I made sure I grabbed the camera so I could take a couple of pictures of the snow we got last night.

It didn't look that bad since we are used to this kind of weather. I turned the news on and school was on a 2 hour delay. So is it bad out there? Like the city workers didn't know the snow was coming!!

It wasn't bad!!! I've driven in a lot worse than today's snow.


Someone in the sky last night

Had an awful pillow fight,

And when I woke today I found

All the feathers on the ground.

--Margaret Hillert


PEA said...

Love the pictures!! I always find fresh snowfalls so beautiful...but after 5 months of it I'm totally fed up! lol We had a few flakes flying around today but that's it.