Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Flags today in tribute wave
For those loyal ones who gave
Of their youth, their hopes, their might
for a cause they knew was right.
Morning bells sound their call.
Pause and say a prayer for all--
All who served valiantly
That men might be ever free.
Taps from quiet Arlington
Echo again.
Ever keep in memory
Peace-loving men.
Who hating tyranny,
Struggled that liberty
Should for all time be
Won for every land.
Once again the challenge came,
And the answer was the same.
Eager hearts have made it clear
We would guard what we hold dear.
Toll of bells, drums' slow beat--
Silence falls in every street.
In each heart swells the plea:
Keep us safe, but keep us free!
--Kate Englehardt Clark


PEA said...

A wonderful tribute to the men and women we owe so much to! I can't even imagine the sacrifices they've had to do for can we ever thank them enough!

Kerri said...

I certainly join you in thanking them. We owe them so much!!!