Thursday, November 16, 2006

Second Half !

Here is the last part of the scrapbook I made for my husband. When I made the album I bought 12x12 paper so I could make matching pages.

This is the weather he really hunts in most of the time. The tag says "Trail Blazer". It is a double tag it has white malberry paper under the green paper.

The Hunter is a paper piecing I made.

Buck Doe is a family joke :)

This tag has the definition of hunting.

The line in the middle has leaf bottoms and says
"Hunt to live... Live to Hunt"

I got this buck from one of his computer game boxes.

The saying says "Hunters will do anything for a Buck"

This is a scan of Chris's Grandfathers compass. He can't use it any more because the water evaporated out of it, but it means so much to him.

Also a scan of the compass.

The tag says "Hunting"

We go spotting a lot this time of year.
I hope you enjoyed Chris's album. Opening day of shot gun season starts on Saturday in our area. The men in our family are getting very excited!


PEA said...

Oh Laurie, what a fantabulous job you did on Chris' all the cute sayings on it too! lol My dad was an avid moose hunter and I remember how much he would look forward to hunting season every year. Good luck to your hunters, hope they can bag one:-) xox

Lilli said...

Very nice. I like those natural photo papers :)