Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Saturday Night!

We went to Mom and Dads for Dads birthday and to celebrate his retirement.
Last time we were at Mom and Dads, Alexis wanted her hair trimmed but no one had scissors we could use. I brought mine with me. She is four and really hasn't had a hair cut. (just bangs)

So we went into the bathroom and trimmed her hair. She was so excited.

I hope her daddy likes it!! I really didn't take that much off. I just evened it out!!

Then we had play time with Uncle Chris.
Boy does she LOVE her Uncle Chris!!!


Kerri said...

Alexis has beautiful hair. Kids are wonderful fun aren't they? I just found the following comment saved in 'my documents' which I think I attempted to post a while back and blogger wouldn't let me. So here it is (sorry if I'm repeating it)..
I can't believe you were at the craft show and I missed you! What a shame. I must've been out of the booth at the time. Chris and I take turns eating lunch, shopping, etc. It was SO busy on Saturday, and pretty busy most of the other days too, but Sunday we were each trying to get some shopping done.
If you don't mind telling me where you are in NY I'd love to know. You'll find my e-mail in my profile. It's fun to find bloggers who are in the same neck of the woods.
I love the sunset pics in the post below. Really beautiful!

PEA said...

Did you save me a piece of that delicious looking birthday cake??? Yummmm! Alexis looks like she really enjoyed having her hair cut...you did a wonderful job cutting it, it looks really good!!